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Month length machinery: use method of hydraulic pipe expander



Operation method 

1. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements. The power supply: three-phase 380V50HZ. The equipment should be reliably grounded. The phase line and neutral line should be accurately connected. The three live lines must be connected. [The three live lines, ground wires, and neutral lines should be accurately connected]. The phase sequence protector indicator in the electrical cabinet of the hydraulic tube expander connected to the power supply shows green, indicating that the wiring is correct. 

2. The operating handle, high-pressure hose and handle power cord are connected to the host and locked to ensure reliable plug connection. 

3. 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil shall be added to the designated position, at least two thirds of the oil tank. It is recommended to add it to the top of the liquid level gauge. 

4. Startup and operation

1)After connecting the main power supply, open the cabinet door to connect each circuit breaker in the cabinet and observe the phase sequence protector. If the indicator light is green, the phase sequence is normal. If it is red, please connect any two of the three live wires to exchange the phase sequence. This phase sequence protector is used to protect the hydraulic pump from normal operation and damage. 

2) After it is normal, turn on the power, press the "Control Power" switch button on the panel, the power indicator will light up, and the touch screen will display the boot screen. As shown in Figure 1:


3) Press the "Tube Expansion Operation" key to enter the screen shown in Figure 2. The expansion operation page is divided into three contents: "oil pump c", "boost switch", "pressure relief" and "expansion parameters" display.


4) First, set the required pressure value, the range is 0-350MPa, and the setting method is as follows: touch the pressure setting blank box behind the "set pressure" with your finger, and the dialog box shown in Figure 3 will appear. Enter the required pressure value, and then press the "Enter" key to complete the setting.


5) oil pump c: There are two ways to start the oil pump: 1. Press the "oil pump start stop【oil pump c】" physical key switch on the panel of the operation cabinet; 2. Click the "oil pump start/stop" button on the touch screen as shown in Figure 2, the oil pump indicator light will be on, the oil pump starts normally, and the expansion operation can be carried out after ensuring that the high-pressure cylinder has been filled with expansion medium. 

6)Expansion preparation [Water adding action]: empty the air in the high-pressure hose. The operation method is as follows: remove the expansion joint, connect the expansion head installation position of the operating handle to the water dispenser joint or directly use the operating handle to install the expansion head end, so that it can be inserted into the expansion medium water, press the "boost" button, and discharge the bubbles in the hose outwards [it can be obviously observed that there are bubbles emerging in the water]. After the gas is discharged [this process is about 20 seconds], Click the "depressurization" button to suck the expansion medium water into the high-pressure hose and cylinder body [this process lasts for about 40 seconds],Note: The pressure rise is to drain the expansion medium water and air from the high pressure cylinder. The pressure drop is to supplement the expansion medium water in the high pressure cylinder. It must ensure that the air in the high pressure cylinder is drained and the expansion medium is filled.

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